Beware of fraudulent phone calls

9 years ago
Beware of fraudulent phone calls

Home Conseil Relocation alerts you of fraudulent calls received by some Indian nationals recently arrived in France.

Contacted by a person pretending to be an employee of the Indian Embassy, they are told that their right to stay in France is endangered because of « an incorrectly completed immigration form ». The Indian nationals are imposed an appointment at their home to pay a regularization fee, a refusal leading to a substantial fine, a prison sentence, and even deportation.

Any such request is a fraudulent attempt!

An incorrect filling of the documents required to obtain a resident permit in France does not lead to payment of a fine or to imprisonment of the applicant.

In addition, the Embassy of a foreign State has no jurisdiction in France to order an expulsion.

We invite you not to communicate any personal information and try to get the name of the person that calls you, his or hers position at the Embassy, as well as his or her telephone number and then to compare these details with the information that you find on the Internet.

Feel free to let us know if you are a victim of such telephone solicitation and we will inform the competent French authorities.

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