Experts in global mobility in France and worldwide since 1991.

Home Conseil Relocation offers quality support to assignees and their family in all aspects of their mobility. We're proud holders of the EGQS since 2010.

Experts in global mobility in France and worldwide since 1991.

We offer to our corporate clients a full range of global mobility services.

We provide best-in-class services in France and abroad through our select network of trusted consultants and partners.


Top quality

Top quality – it was a pleasure to work with them.

Gregory V. - United States

I am very satisfied with the support I recieved from Florence. Quick answer and very helpul.

Paulo T. - Brazil

Merci bien. We are fill excellent in your country. I hope that you fill fine as well. We have one really good opinion only about your company. All the time we are really good impression and work from your sides. We have never had delayed form your side and always is good atmosphere. Thank you again. My wife and I have really good opinion about your company. We have worked together in really good atmosphere all time. All activities and formulas were done professional. We have filled carried during thins time. We have never had delayed form your side. Thank you very much for your work and support. Thank you for your explanation. It is next time when you are explaining me really clearly. I think that you can write guideline for foreign people. A book title could be "How to start live in France and make all formal documents without any stress". I sure that will be bestseller! Thank you for all people which are involved to our relocation. Your support made that we fill really comfortable in your country. Special thanks for Marie-Laure, Carine, and Isabelle. They directly cooperated with us.

Piotr W. - Poland