Home Conseil Relocation Privacy Policy

Personal data protection policy

This policy’s object is to describe the conditions under which Home Conseil Relocation will handle personal data of the employees of its direct and indirect clients, individual clients. Home Conseil Relocation collects the personal data with the purpose of fulfilling the services order to Home Conseil Relocation

Depending on the services ordered Home Conseil Relocation might collect from the beneficiary of the services and his or her dependents the following personal data:

  • Surname and first name ;
  • Postal and email address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Marital and family status
  • Professional activity
  • Any identification document / civil status / family status, banking details, tax return forms, work contract, pay slips, or document typically needed for compiling a rental file
  • Any identification document / civil status / family status, driver’s license, diploma or document needed to complete immigration or administrative formalities
  • Vaccination book for children in order to complete school registrations, French Social Security Registration or resident permit for children under the age of 18
  • Etc.

Home Conseil Relocation commits to collect only relevant and strictly necessary personal data in order to fulfill its services.

In the event Home Conseil Relocation is unable to obtain the requested personal data and the express consent to exploit them, Home Conseil Relocation will not be able to fulfill the services.

Usage of data by Home Conseil Relocation

Home Conseil Relocation uses personal data in order to fulfill the services ordered to it within Relocation, Immigration, Administrative formalities, Tenancy Management, Expatriation Management, Visa & Travel Management, etc.

The personal data collected may be used with statistical purposes. In that event, the data does not personally identify the data subject.

Data retention

The personal data collected are only retained by Home Conseil Relocation for the strict purpose of fulfilling its obligation and competing its services. Nonetheless, as data on which are established rights and contracts or which should be retained as per legal requirements will be retained to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Data transfer

Personal data collected by Home Conseil Relocation is never transferred to third-parties for commercial purposes.

Personal data collected by Home Conseil Relocation is, however, subject to being transferred to third-party suppliers and/or partners of Home Conseil Relocation. In that event, these parties only use the personal data to fulfill the services ordered to them by Home Conseil Relocation.

Home Conseil Relocation’s partners may include (without limitation), Home Conseil Relocation’s information technology provider, banks, insurance companies, translators and administrations.

Home Conseil Relocation commits to only transfer personal data in order for the mission ordered to it to be fulfilled.

Home Conseil Relocation’s suppliers commit to ensure the same level of protection to personal data as Home Conseil Relocation.

Transfer of data outside of the European Union

Within Expatriation Management services outside of the European Union, Home Conseil Relocation may transfer personal data outside of the European Union.

Personal data may be transferred to countries offering “sufficient protection”, to companies operating in the USA adhering to the “Safe Harbor” or to any country not offering “sufficient protection”.

The beneficiary of Expatriation Management services being informed of the country of destination before services are ordered to Home Conseil Relocation, he or she hereby accepts the transfer of his or her personal data to suppliers and partners within the country of destination.


Home Conseil Relocation commits to protect personal data it collected against any disclosure or unauthorized use. However, Home Conseil Relocation’s liability may not be sought in the following cases:

  • The data falls into the public domain,
  • The data has been obtained from third-parties in a lawful manner
  • The data has been disclosed or used per a court or administrative decision imposed to Home Conseil Relocation


The physical versions of personal data are stored at Home Conseil Relocation’s place of business under key-locked facilities.

The digital version of personal data are stored at Home Conseil Relocation’s information technology provider’s facilities.

Home Conseil Relocation’s information technology provider is in conformity with the requirements of the GDPR for the following handling of data:

  • Internal treatment
  • Management of Home Conseil Relocation’s IT infrastructure
  • Saving and storing Home Conseil Relocation’s data
  • Transfer of data

Home Conseil Relocation’s information technology provider has committed to inform Home Conseil Relocation in case of breach of confidentiality.

Modification of the Privacy Policy

Home Conseil Relocation will publish any modification to Home Conseil Relocation’s Privacy Policy on its website. Please consult our website regularly in order to be notified of any change.

The last update of our Privacy Policy took place on May 24, 2018.

Rights of the data subject – Contacting Home Conseil Relocation

The data subject who transferred personal data to Home Conseil Relocation hereby accepts this personal data be collected and treated pursuant to the present Privacy Policy.

The data subject may contact Home Conseil Relocation via email at info@home-conseil.com to exert his or her rights to:

  • File a complaint with the French authority on personal data (CNIL) through the following link: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/plaintes
  • Access his or her data
  • Rectify his or her data
  • Delete his or her data
  • Retract from the aforementioned transfer

In the event Home Conseil Relocation’s services shall be terminated because the data subject used any of these rights, the payment of Home Conseil Relocation’s services will not be waived consequently.

Home Conseil Relocation commits to respond to any request from a data subject within a reasonable delay and under any circumstances within 1 month of receiving the request.