Covid-19: French administration decides to extend residence documents that would expire during the confinement

4 years ago
Covid-19: French administration decides to extend residence documents that would expire during the confinement

The confinement introduced by the French government has important consequences:

  • Prohibition to leave your home, except for special reasons listed in the decree dated on 16/03/2020
  • Total (ex : Prefecture) or partial (ex : « post office ») closure of the French administrations
  • Schengen border closing, from 17/03/2020 and during 30 days, only citizens of the Member States of the Schengen area and of the European Union, as well as third-country nationals who have a residence permit may enter the Schengen area

In addition to the confinement period, the administration closure causes additional delays and disturbs all professional immigration procedures.

  • Prefecture: Prefecture are closed until further notice and during the confinement, all the appointments are canceled
  • DIRECCTE: as the agents work from the safety of their home, there will certainly be a delay in the approval of work permit applications
  • OFII: due to the coronavirus outbreak, the procedures which imply to receive the public, CIR platform host, medical examinations and all civic training convocations are suspended
  • French Consulate abroad: France has decided to suspend the issuance of visas until further notice. All visa types are affected and this suspension applies to visa applications for which an appointment has already been taken

As the administrations are closed and the immigration procedures blocked, the Paris Police Prefecture protects and reassures foreign nationals through a press release.

In this press release, the administration indicates that residence documents that will expire after 16/03/2020 will be extended for 3 months.

The residence documents impacted are the following:

  • Long-stay visas,
  • Receipts of applications for residence permits, (récépissé)
  • Provisional residence permits, (Autorisation provisoire de séjour or APS),
  • Residence permits
  • Asylum claims’ attestation

In conclusion, foreign nationals residing legally in France should not be concerned for their residence and labor rights or the social benefits conferred by their residence document. Indeed, these rights will continue during the confinement period and beyond!

Home Conseil Relocation remains at your entire disposal for any additional information.


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