Covid-19: Obligation to wear a mask outside

4 years ago
Covid-19: Obligation to wear a mask outside

Since July 20, 2020, every person aged 11 and over must wear a mask for the general public in enclosed public places, in addition to the application of barrier gestures.

During his visit in Montpellier on August 11, the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, sparked the debate for extending this obligation to open public spaces. Mr. Castex announced that following the deterioration of the health situation in France, he wishes to introduce new measures. One of them is the obligation to wear facemasks in outdoor public spaces.

It is important to note that many cities in France (including Paris) have already implemented the obligation. That is mostly in areas where compliance with the recommended social distancing measures has proven difficult. They include areas with a high number of visitors, open-air public markets, flea markets, or garage sales.

Since pinpointing where the obligation exists is particularly difficult, we would like to share with you two maps that can help you plan your travels in France.

Please check these on a regular basis as a €135 fine is incurred for non-compliance with this obligation.



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