End of lockdown and administrative activity in France

4 years ago
End of lockdown and administrative activity in France

As May 11th, 2020 marked the progressive end of lockdown in France, administrations are still highly impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. Nonetheless, some are starting to open up again slowly.

Indeed, some Préfectures have announced an upcoming partial reopening focused on asylum demands and demands canceled because of the confinement measures:

In Paris and Lyon Préfectures:

  • Appointments cancelled during the lockdown period will be rescheduled in priority, starting June 15th.
  • Préfectures will contact petitioners: there’s no need to go proactively to the Préfecture alongside your expired summons.

Resident Permit collection in Préfectures:

The French administration has put in place new methods of collection ensuring health safety: some Préfectures now send the Resident Permit via regular mail (Paris, Rhône - Lyon, Alpes-Maritimes – Nice) while others deliver the Permit against the summons (Hauts-de-Seine – Nanterre).

These new methods have been implemented to avoid massive queues outside the Préfectures.

Travel restrictions:

Schengen borders remaining closed-off, intra-EU travelers are subjected to heightened controls while crossing the borders into France and are invited to present proofs and certificates justifying their journey into France.

A new category has now been added to the list of exceptions allowed to travel into France: EU-citizens posted into France “whose mission cannot be postponed”.

In parallel, a voluntary 14-day quarantine must now be observed by all travelers coming into France from Spain and the United Kingdom. The French Government has indeed applied this measure to reciprocate Spain and Great Britain’s application of a quarantine for travelers coming from France.

Visa applications still suspended:


  • No new official information on the matter has surfaced as although it seems the decision to open or maintain borders closed will be taken by the beginning of June.
  • As such, consulates remain closed and do not receive any new visa applications

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