End of the summer: good news to know

10 years ago
End of the summer: good news to know

Today is implemented the decree n° 2014-921 of August 18, 2014[1] that modifies several provisions regarding the foreigner’s right to stay and work in France.

The « autorisation provisoire de séjour – APS » (temporary authorisation to stay) is now more accessible

From now on, foreign students don’t need to submit their application at least 4 months before the expiry of their resident permit. That means that more students, wishing to work in France after completing their studies, can benefit from the APS.

Decreased number of foreign workers concerned by the medical examination at the French Immigration Office (OFII)

Undergoing the medical exam at the OFII is no longer compulsory for foreigners living in France under one of the following status : spouse of « European Blue Card », « scientific » and their spouse, « artist », « employee on assignment » and their spouse.

More rights for foreigners working in France with the status “scientific- research worker”

The foreign workers with status “scientific- research worker” and deprived of employment against their will, can renew their resident permit for a year. During this time, they can look for another job. After that period, they can get a resident permit valid until the expiry of their unemployment benefits.

[1] JORF n°0192 du 21 août 2014 page 13897 – texte n° 28

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