Home Conseil Relocation's commitment to Quality and Sustainability

3 years ago
Home Conseil Relocation's commitment to Quality and Sustainability

A long-standing commitment to quality

One of our core values at Home Conseil Relocation, since its creation, has always been Quality.

That dedication extends further than our continued commitment to the delivery of our high-quality services sanctioned by our EuRA Global Quality Seal (EGQS) certification, held since 2012.

We, at Home Conseil Relocation believe that we have a role in making the world a better place by providing high-end mobility consultancy and contributing to the struggle against climate change.

This is why we switched our energy provider at the beginning of 2021 to ensure that our electricity is 100% from renewable sources.

A further commitment towards sustainability

Still, our commitment does not end there.

We are conscious that mobility by its very nature requires much energy, not only to ensure the activities of our staff but also for our external consultants, on the field accompanying our customers in all aspects of their moves into France.

For this reason, we partnered with Sami in 2021 to commence our path towards carbon neutrality.

In order to do so, Sami helped us:

  • Precisely assess our entire value-chain’s carbon footprint.
  • Establish an ambitious carbon-reduction plan, involving not only our internal staff, but also external third-parties such as our field consultants.
  • Offset that portion of our carbon footprint we could not reduce.

The outcome of this thorough audit over the past two years highlighted a few key insights:

  • Most of the company’s footprint sits with its downstream, external value-chain.
  • Covid had a positive impact on our footprint, falling from 59.2 tons of CO² in 2019 to 36.6 tons of CO² in 2020.
  • A true commitment to reducing our carbon footprint not only encompasses offsetting our emissions but most importantly starts with reducing it significantly.

As a result, we collaborated with Inuk to offset our carbon footprint based on a non-Covid year for 2020 and are thus proud to present our Carbon Contribution Certificate.

Carbon Contribution Certificate

Looking ahead

As we learned from our environmental audit, offsetting our carbon footprint is not the end-result but rather a step in the right direction.

With this new mindset, Home Conseil Relocation now embarks, as it turns 30, in a journey towards a more sustainable and evermore qualitative future: 2022 will see us seek the ISO: 9001 quality certification, yet another step towards striving for the best!

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