Mobility lease: first hints unveiled

6 years ago
Mobility lease: first hints unveiled

Within the context of the ELAN draft law about housing and territory planning, the French government wants to create a new type of lease: the Mobility Lease with the following main characteristics :

  • The Mobility Lease is a furnished lease targeting people in professional training, apprenticeship contract, internship or in temporary professional assignment.
  • At the beginning of the lease, the tenant and the owner agree on a duration for minimum 1 month and a maximum of 10 months. The tenant can leave the property when at will provided a one-month notice.
  • The owner or the real estate agency cannot ask for a deposit but a guarantee can be required. Should the tenant be eligible to the VISALE guarantee (free guaranty, set up by the French Government) it can be leveraged in the case of the Mobility Lease.
  • The Mobility Lease is not renewable but at the end of the lease, the owner and the tenant can sign a new “classic” furnished lease for the same property should they agree to continue the tenancy.
  • In case of shared tenancy within a Mobility Lease, the roommates and their guarantors are not bound by a joint surety (meaning the owner cannot seek payment of one roommate’s rent with the other) .

The Ministerial Council studied the draft law on April 4th and the French National Assembly is schedule to debate and vote upon it at the end of May 2018. The law is due to come into force starting in the summer of 2018.

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