New European Directive on Posted Workers

6 years ago
New European Directive on Posted Workers

On May 29th, le European Parliament adopted a reform of European Directive 96/71/CE also known as the « Posted Worker Directive ». Here is a brief summary of the content of this reform, two years in the making.

« Equal work, equal pay »

The Parliament adopted the principle that for an equal work in the same location, an equal pay shall be given. This anti-dumping approach was at the heart of this whole reform process.

Consequently, local collective bargaining agreements will apply to posted workers, guaranteeing the benefit to bonuses such as 13th months of salary or any benefit a local worker benefits from.

Reduced duration of the posting

Whereas the posting was authorized for up to 2 years, it will now be limited to 1 year, with a possibility of renewal for 6 months.

Past that 18 months mark, “the posted worker will be subject to all local rules in terms of work conditions”.

Transposition under two years and exclusion of the transportation industry

Finally, the European Parliament offers a two-year delay to each of the member-states to transpose the Directive into local law.

The transportation industry is excluded from this reform and will be subject to a specific review.

Stay tuned for our piece of news once France has transposed the Directive!

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