No agreement on the Immigration draft law

9 years ago
No agreement on the Immigration draft law

Hereafter is a brief recap of the key dates regarding the draft law to amend several provisions related to the control of immigration.

  1. Draft law lodged on July 23, 2014 before the National Assembly.
  2. Adoption of an amended draft law at first reading by the National Assembly on July 23, 2015.
  3. Modified text adopted by the Senate on October 13, 2015.
  4. On November 24, 2015, failure of the Joint Mixed Commission, that observed no common text could be proposed regarding the remaining provisions still under discussion.
  5. Therefore, the draft modified by the Senate, was forwarded again to the national Assembly on November 24, 2015.

We will keep you informed when the final version of the bill is adopted.

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