No-deal Brexit is fast approaching

6 years ago
No-deal Brexit is fast approaching

As a no-deal Brexit approaches for March 30th, we, at Home Conseil Relocation, are monitoring closely the development of the United Kingdom’s negotiation with the European Union and its consequences in terms of immigration.

Amongst the many implications the situation entails, the first to be impacted by it will be French nationals who have lived in the United Kingdom and are returning to France and the British nationals who are living in France.

The French Government has already taken the first steps to address this situation by laying the groundwork legislation needed in the form of the January 19th, 2019 law entitled « Empowering the Government to take by ordinance the measures to prepare for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union ». This piece of legislation will indeed allow the French government to deal with the consequences of Brexit urgently, by ordinance, and without having to go through the whole legislative process.

As of right now, there are five ordinances planned for the following weeks ramping up to March 30th, which will deal with diploma and professional qualification recognition, retirement and social rights for example.

The first of which will deal with the right of entry, residence and employment of British nationals in France and will have an impact on the legal immigration landscape in France.

While the content of the ordinance is not yet known, we will keep you updated on developments on the subject as the orders are issued by the French Government!

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