Online validation of Long-Stay Visas as Resident Permits

5 years ago
Online validation of Long-Stay Visas as Resident Permits

What has changed

On February 18th,  2019, The French Immigration Office (OFII) has launched, a new online registration portal for the holders of Long-Stay Visas to endorse those as residence permit (VLS-TS). This new system allows to register one’s entry online and get a proof of validation of the VLS-TS downloadable immediately.

Once registered, the downloaded certificate allows its holder to travel within the Schengen zone as the visa is deemed endorsed. Previously, this process would take 2-3 months and involved filing the request by regular mail and waiting to be summoned by OFII for the actual endorsement of the visa.

This new system does not eliminate the need for the holder to submit to a medical check visit and immigration trainings (if applicable) organized by OFII. A convocation for both is sent to the holder’s email or postal address.

Who is affected

Holders of the Long-Stay Visas valid as residence permit (VLS-TS) and companies who need their employees to be ready to travel shortly after their arrival in France.

What to expect

The portal currently encounters some technical issues. In particular, the birth country of the visa holder may register incorrectly. The Administration is aware of it and currently working on resolving this issue. Those who encounter such a problem should contact the Administration by email. This issue should be resolved in the coming weeks and the holders will be able to download a new corrected Certificate.

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