Partial border re-opening for holders of a Long Stay Visa bearing the mention 'Talent Passport'

4 years ago
Partial border re-opening for holders of a Long Stay Visa bearing the mention 'Talent Passport'

While France's borders remain mostly closed to travelers from outside the EU since the partial re-opening on June 15, the border opening process moves forward with the possibility to travel now granted to holders of a Long Stay Visa bearing the mention "Passport Talent".

Announced by a tweet from the Delegate Minister for Foreign Trade, Mr. Franck Riester, and confirmed by the update of the international travel certificates which now contain such a visa as a condition for exemption from travel restrictions, this re-opening was eagerly awaited even if some grey areas remain.

An eagerly awaited re-opening

To say that Human Resources and Mobility professionals awaited this reopening would be an understatement, as the closure of borders and administrations since 17 March has had such an impact on our work!

It should, therefore, enable us once again, to project ourselves into the mobility processes paused since lockdown or considered since.

Our entire Immigration team is at your disposal to (re)launch these projects!

A limited reopening

However, several points still need to be clarified to allow us to move forward in this new landscape of professional immigration:

  • The legal basis of this decision is yet unknown and we remain on alert on the subject.
  • Technically, the Talent Passport procedures only rarely lead to the obtaining of a Long-Stay Visa as specified by the Minister and the model of the certificate, most of the procedures only leading to a 3-month Visa.
  • Moreover, the position of the different Consulates remains disparate and requires a systematic verification of the feasibility of submitting a file. 
  • Finally, holders of the "ICT Seconded Employee" status seem to be excluded from the system allowing travel to France. 

Our team is in close contact with the Consulates and the administrations involved for clarification of these points.


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