New rise of the indexed minimum wage since January 1st, 2015

10 years ago
New rise of the indexed minimum wage since January 1st, 2015

Several aspects of French Immigration impacted by this increase


  Since 01.01.2014 From 01.01.2015
Gross hourly wage € 9.53 € 9.61
Gross monthly wage, for 35h per week € 1,445.38 € 1,457.52

Therefore, all persons being paid on the basis of the indexed minimum wage will have their salary subsequently increased, including Europeans posted workers.

What consequences for employees on assignment (intra-group transfer)?

Article L313-10 of the Code for Entry and Residence of Foreigners and Right of Asylum (=CESEDA) sets out that employees on assignment, in order to obtain work authorization, must be paid 1.5 X gross indexed minimum wage.
Hence an increase of the minimum salary paid to employee on assignment. They will have to be paid more than € 2186.28 monthly gross salary (instead of € 2168.07 since the 1st of January 2014).

What consequences for the companies?
When an employer requests a work permit for a non-European citizen, the company has to pay a fee to the French Immigration Office (OFII).

  • Minimum amount to be paid: € 801.64 (55% of the gross indexed minimum wage)
  • Maximum amount to be paid: € 2,004.09 (55%of 2, 5 X the gross indexed minimum wage)

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