Social Security: modification of the ‘beneficiary status’

8 years ago
Social Security: modification of the ‘beneficiary status’

Article 59 of the law n°2015-1702 of December 21st, 2015 regarding the Social security funding plan for 2016 deeply changes the Social security registration rules and creates the « Universal Sickness coverage » (« Protection Universelle Maladie »).

Article L. 111-11 of the French Social security code is modified as follows: « The Social security is based on the principle of national solidarity. It ensures the coverage for sickness, maternity, paternity and dependency costs for anyone working or residing in France on a stable and legal basis ».

  1. People working and residing in France will continue to get the Social security coverage through employment.
  2. The law removes the concept of an adult beneficiary, i.e. any major person not working and depending on the insured employee. For example: ascendant/spouse/adult child). For those individuals, the registration to the Social security is thereafter possible under the condition of stable and legal residence in France: that is, the residence should be continuous for at least 3 months), and non EU residents should hold a resident permit card, irrespective of any link with an insured employee.

For example, a non-European citizen coming in France for work and accompanied by an ascendant who doesn’t work.

  • Before, the ascendant was considered as a beneficiary of the insured employee under very strict conditions only.
  • Since January 1st, 2016, the ascendant can ask to be registered with the Social security on a personal basis, thanks to the « Universal Sickness coverage » (« Protection Universelle Maladie »).

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