Streamlining of immigration procedures in France

3 years ago
Streamlining of immigration procedures in France

Decree n° 2021-360 regarding the hiring of foreign employees was published on the March 31, 2021. It implements some major modifications related to the hiring of non-EU nationals in France:

Work permit applications will now be processed online when foreign employees (R. 5221-15 Labor Code, modified by March 31, 2021 decree)

Starting Tuesday, April 6, 2021, work permit requests will have to be directly submitted online on the dedicated platform: 

This measure is part of a national plan to move towards online processing of Immigration applications in France. This online service has been added to an already existing platform enabling some of Long Stay Visas' online validation as Resident Permits and renewing students' permits. 

Talent Passport statuses initial applications and resident permit renewals should be available on the platform, which will be operational by May 2021. 

Residence permit requests processing? 

« Préfectures » will remain in charge of the residence permits' delivery for employees concerned by the now online work permit request. 

For Talent Passport residence permits' online application, fingerprints should be registered at the residence permit pickup appointment at the Préfecture.  

Work permit request process:

  • The employer must fill out all the information related to the company and give the email of the person who will be in charge ;
  • Indicate the recruitment type ;
  • Fill in the information related to the future employee ;
  • Fill in the information related to the job ;
  • Fill in the information related to the contract ;
  • Attach the supporting documents requested ;
  • Check the summary ;
  • Confirm the request.

Once the request is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent.

Afterward, the employer and the employee will receive the work permit by email if the request is granted.

To apply for his/her visa or residence permit, the employee will have to add the work permit to his/her resident permit application. 

This e-process will centralize all the Immigration procedures and should simplify them. It is important to note that the accessibility of the platform determined by the use of the internet could be an issue for some people. 

The legal obligation to publicize a job offer is shortened in length:

Article R 5221-20 of the Labor Code, modified by March 31 Decree, defines a three-week job advertisement period for all recruitment projects not falling into the limited list of sectors experiencing shortages in France. 

This modification shortens the legal obligation period of job advertisement if a labor market test is required as part of the immigration process and should speed up the recruitment and hiring process.  

Two decisions related to work permits were as well published on April 1, 2021. 

Supporting documents to work permit applications have been updated.

  1. Skill Shortage List updated. 

    This limitation list encompasses all positions regionally currently experiencing skill shortages which, as a result, do not require a labor market test for work permit applications.

    It should be noted that the work permit online platform offers a simulator allowing checking if the job concerned is part of the skill shortage list. 

  2. Work permit supporting documents' list

    Supporting documents to work permit applications have been updated.


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