The Carte Vitale app - a dematerialized alternative to the physical Carte Vitale

1 year ago
The Carte Vitale app - a dematerialized alternative to the physical Carte Vitale

This is a further step taken by the administration in the context of the generalized dematerialization of procedures.

The decree of 28/12/2022 provides for the creation of the dematerialized Carte Vitale (or e-Carte Vitale). The system involves the creation of a free application called "apCV" which will be accessible for installation on smartphones. The Carte Vitale will take the form of a QR code that the insured person can present at a medical appointment or at the pharmacy.

The use of the dematerialized Carte Vitale is designed to simplify the processing of procedures for insured persons and healthcare professionals, and will, among other things:

  • Avoid forgetting the physical Carte Vitale
  • Avoid updating the physical Carte Vitale, it will be done automatically with the updates of the application
  • Simplify access to health data for patients and caregivers, in particular by ensuring correct teletransmission
  • Secure the care sheet pathway and avoid bill payment rejection
  • Tracking medical expenses and reimbursements

This experimental project is currently being implemented in 8 departments (Alpes-Maritimes; Bas-Rhin; Loire-Atlantique; Puy-de-Dôme; Rhône; Saône-et-Loire; Sarthe; Seine-Maritime), with national deployment to be completed by December 31, 2025.

Our dedicated team will keep you informed of the implementation of these systems developed by the Assurance Maladie and aimed at facilitating the procedures of the insured.

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