Welcoming conditions at the Prefecture : foreseen improvements

10 years ago
Welcoming conditions at the Prefecture : foreseen improvements

On May 15th 2013, MP Matthias FEKL handed over to Prime Minister his report with heading « Secure the path of foreign nationals in France ». Draft law initially foreseen for summer 2013 will actually be presented to MPs following the spring 2014 local elections.

Meanwhile Ministry of Interior drafted a Directive[1] aimed at improving the welcoming conditions and reducing the number of times foreigners have to go to Prefectures[2].

This document shows willingness on the part of the French government to better welcome foreigners in France, but the implementation of the Directive remains dependent on the good will of the Prefectures and allocated resources.

Amongst the suggestions, the following are noteworthy:

  • For a first resident permit application, Prefectures could deliver a 6 months provisional resident permit (=récépissé). This would avoid a second visit to the Prefecture for the renewal of the récépissé. This provision should be applied on a very exceptional basis when the Prefecture can’t issue the resident permit within the usual processing timeframe.
  • For a resident permit renewal, récépissés issued to applicants would be valid from the day after the expiry date of the resident permit. This provision would be applicable provided that the renewal process was initiated 2 months before the expiry date of the resident permit.
  • Generalization of text messages informing applicants that resident permits can be withdraw at the Prefecture – provision already implemented in some districts.
  • Unification on all the French territory of the list of documents that can be required for a resident permit application.



  • [1] Circulaire NOR INTK1400231C du 03/01/2014 circulaire.legifrance.gouv.fr
  • [2] local authorities in charge of issuance of the resident permits.

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