Home Conseil Relocation legal watch: March 2024

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Home Conseil Relocation legal watch: March 2024

Home Conseil Relocation legal watch: March 2024

At Home Conseil Relocation, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest updates on the international mobility landscape. This March 2024 update has been prepared by our Relocation and Immigration departments.


Relocation watch

As of January 1st, 2024, Article 5 of Decree no. 2023-796 requires landlords to include a new compulsory reference when signing a lease for a principal residence (furnished or unfurnished): the tax number of the property being rented.

This number, also known as the "numéro fiscal invariant", is available to landlords in their impôts.gouv.fr space. The addition of this number to new leases signed after January1, 2024, and to leases renewed after this date, is designed to streamline the administrative processes involved in renting out property.


Immigration watch

As a reminder of our news regarding the employer tax modalities, the first steps for hires in 2023 must be implemented starting from February 2024. The tax calculation aid sheet is now available on the DGFIP website.

Following up on our communication regarding the transposition into national law of the European directive amending the "European Blue Card" scheme, the European Commission announced on January 25, 2024, the formal notice to France for non-transposition of the directive within the specified deadline, namely November 18, 2023. France now has 2 months to finalize the transposition.

In line with the dematerialization of the health insurance card (Carte vitale), as we have previously informed, France has implemented the dematerialized driving license system nationwide, effective since February 14, 2024. This process can be completed via the France Identité website and aims to simplify the use of the driving license, especially during checks. It is important to note that the dematerialized version does not replace the physical license.


Home Conseil Relocation legal watch: March 2024


Regarding the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, decree 2022-1629 of December 23, 2023, provides for the facilitation of short-stay visa applications for individuals accredited or invited by the COJO (Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games). In this regard, the concerned individuals will not have to pay any fees for visa issuance or service,  and can submit visa applications through dedicated appointment schedules. The processing of applications will be expedited.

It should be noted that the short-stay visa application procedure for spectators remains unchanged, no simplification is planned.

In terms of jurisprudence, the Administrative Court of Nantes ruled in its decision of October 30, 2023 that the minimum remuneration requirement to qualify for the "European Blue Card" cannot be invoked against the applicant since the implementing text specifying the minimum remuneration amount has not been updated following the overhaul of the CESEDA (Foreigner’s code) in 2021. The Court of Cassation, in its decision of November 29, 2023, reiterated the need for a foreign national to submit a renewal application for a residence permit within the specified deadlines in order to preserve the continuity of rights (including the right to work) after the expiration of their residence permit.

Finally, the Directorate General of Foreigners in France published on January 25, 2024, the annual report on residence permit issuance statistics in France. This report notably observes an increase in the number of residence permits under the "Talent Passport" status, issued both as initial applications (+2.9% compared to 2022) and renewals from another status (+5.8% compared to 2022).

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