Home Conseil Relocation is renewing its commitment to Sustainability

1 year ago
Home Conseil Relocation's continued commitment to Sustainability

A continuous commitment that pays off

In 2021, Home Conseil Relocation committed itself for the first time in a sustainable development approach thanks to the support of Sami.

In line with our values, notably Quality and Solidarity, this approach has seen us:

  • Accurately assess the carbon footprint of our entire value chain.
  • Establish an ambitious carbon reduction plan, involving not only our internal staff, but also external third parties such as our consultants in the field.
  • Offset the portion of our carbon footprint that we were unable to reduce.

This commitment is now renewed with the establishment of our carbon footprint for 2022:

Carbon footprint 2022

This 2022 assessment shows that the efforts put in place in 2021 are starting to pay off with a much smaller increase in our carbon footprint than the post-Covid recovery with an overall footprint of 44.4 tons of CO² compared to 59.2 tons in 2019 and 36.6 tons emitted in 2020.

The bulk of our carbon footprint continues to be located downstream of our value chain.

Another major lesson that validates our approach and our plan to reduce emissions is the comparison of our carbon footprint with the rest of Sami's clients and in particular with other consulting companies:


This benchmark shows a low carbon footprint for Home Conseil Relocation with a carbon intensity of 1.29tCO² per employee compared to the median of 1.98tCO² or the average of 2.37tCO² per employee in our sector in France.

Similarly, the economic carbon intensity (kg of CO² per € of turnover) shows a low carbon impact of 0.04, which is half the median for the sector!

These very good results encourage us to do more and to continue this strong commitment.

A strong and renewed commitment

As we learn as we travel the road to carbon neutrality, this commitment must be sustained over time.

Aware of the impact of our beautiful mobility industry, we want to remain at the forefront of this battle at all times, as our Managing Director, Jeremy Berthoux, explained at the EuRA congress in 2022:

As such, we have rolled out our emissions reduction plan which involves, among other things:

  • An extension of remote work for our teams
  • The implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Package to encourage environmentally friendly travel between home and work
  • The implementation of an incentive for our consultants delivering our services with electric vehicles.

All these efforts are implemented without any additional costs for our clients.

In parallel, we continue our financial commitment, again without impacting our prices, with the total compensation of our carbon footprint 2022.

We are therefore proud to present our Carbon Contribution Certificates.

Carbon Contribution Certificate 1
Carbon Contribution Certificate 2

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