Overlooked immigration news since the end of lockdown in France

4 years ago
Overlooked immigration lockdown

Some important pieces of news overlooked since the end of lockdown in France


While lockdown was ending in France and the EU reopened its borders, French lawmakers continued working, and produced law n°2020-734 on June 17th, 2020.


Home Conseil Relocation's legal monitoring provides you more details on these important changes you might have missed:


  • French citizens without any professional activity returning to France between March 1st and September 30th, 2020 are immediately registered with the French Social Security scheme. This is great news for your assignees' spouses without a job as they no longer need to prove 3 months of consecutive residence in France to be registered!
  • Students holding a Residence Permit are now allowed (until higher education is back to normal) to work for 80% of a normal year (1285 hours per year) whereas they were only allowed to work for 60% before.
  • British residents in France were eagerly waiting for the setup, on July 1st, of the online platform enabling them to request a Residence Permit under the negotiated Brexit status. Nonetheless, the site's launch has been postponed to October 1st. In parallel, the French Government will now be allowed to take all measures necessary for British citizens to maintain their right to residency in France through urgent ordinances and not through the normal legal process.


Our Immigration Department remains at your disposal to answer any question you might have around these topics.

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