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A specialized team surrounded by a network of local consultants throughout France.


For Home Conseil Relocation, each assignee is unique and should benefit from the best care leading to a successful move to France:

  • A cautious relocation manager, accountable for the quality of our services
  • A dedicated client manager creating a relationship based on trust
  • An administrative coordinator handling all practical steps of the settling-in
  • The possibility to benefit from the Mobili-Pass® subsidy, keeping our costs under control

This unique approach enables us to maintain best-in-class levels of assignee satisfaction, over 95%, year over year.

Our services

Bundled services

  • Bundled services
  • Orientation tour
  • Temporary housing assistance
  • Rental and purchase home finding
  • Departure assistance

À la carte

  • Entry of exit walkthrough
  • Schooling
  • Utilities hook-up
  • Insurance subscription
  • Home shopping
  • Move-in assistance
  • Bank account opening
  • Move management

The key to success

Your team and you (Amélie) in particular were key to success of this relocation. It is greatly appreciated especially given that it was the first move to France for us for this client.

Pavel P. - Czech Republic

You helped me a lot with the most important things for an expatriate mother

[Consultant], I can't thank you enough for all the patience you had with me because of all the time I took to decide and all the apartments I asked to visit!!! ? You really helped me a lot with the 2 most important things for an expatriate mother; you helped me to find an excellent school for my son and a beautiful apartment in Lyon ! So thank you so much!

Maria Amélia S. S. - Brazil

Hello Ladies, I hope you do not get me wrong in my words, because your services as a team have been excellent. But I have to highlight the availability and competence of Marie, which I really recommend by her professionalism. I am really pleased to have been served by Home Conseil which made the things much easy for me through Mrs Marie services.

Jorge P. - Portugal

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