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A specialized team surrounded by a network of local consultants throughout France.


For Home Conseil Relocation, each assignee is unique and should benefit from the best care leading to a successful move to France:

  • A cautious relocation manager, accountable for the quality of our services
  • A dedicated client manager creating a relationship based on trust
  • An administrative coordinator handling all practical steps of the settling-in
  • The possibility to benefit from the Mobili-Pass® subsidy, keeping our costs under control

This unique approach enables us to maintain best-in-class levels of assignee satisfaction, over 95%, year over year.

Our services

Bundled services

  • Bundled services
  • Orientation tour
  • Temporary housing assistance
  • Rental and purchase home finding
  • Departure assistance

À la carte

  • Entry of exit walkthrough
  • Schooling
  • Utilities hook-up
  • Insurance subscription
  • Home shopping
  • Move-in assistance
  • Bank account opening
  • Move management

Anne-Sophie's help has been absolutely invaluable

I would particularly like to say how much I have appreciated the services of Anne-Sophie - she has been a pleasure to deal with I am really happy with the apartment she found for me, and her help has been absolutely invaluable.

Hazel V. - United Kingdom

Efficacité et disponibilité

From the start, my wife and I have been very, very pleased with the support provided by HC. From working with us to secure that our childrencould arrive in France for day 1 of school before all was finalized with the VISA was tremendously appreciated. HC helped us find a wonderful apartment in a great area of Lyon. We absolutely loved it! The regular support with the prefecture issues was very smooth, and the departure assistance was seamless, with myself being relieved of many small worries that were very effectively managed by HC. With that let us say one big MERCI to the HC team for all of your support and kindness. I hope that my Company truly values the support you provide (I promise to advise them of this!!)

Steve B.

An absolute joy to work with, I am impressed with all the help and information

Thank you Myriam for matching us with [consultant]. She has been an absolute joy to work with, I am impressed with all the help and information she has provided us with. [Cnsultant] is very professional and easy to work with, she is attentive and always available to help. [Consultant], Thank you for ALL that you do for our family, our move was smooth because of your professionalism!

Margarita K. - United States

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