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Tenancy Management

A client-specific management.

Tenancy Management

Home Conseil Relocation leverages its 30-year experience of the real estate market to handle transparently all aspects of the tenant-owner relationship on behalf of its clients:

  • Rent and other payments (real estate fees, security deposit, etc.) under one bill for the end-client, without requiring new supplier enrollments
  • Compliance (insurance, maintenance, works, etc.)
  • Security (property visit, vigilance on the application of lease provisions, etc.)

Our services

Bundled services

  • Internal and accountancy file for each property
  • Individualized timeline
  • Annual verifications
  • Handling of agents and owners
  • Verification, data entry and payments
  • Accountancy and banking follow-up
  • Data reporting
  • Day-to-day and exceptional management

I didn’t expect to settle down at Lyon during this COVID-19 situation this smoothly

Thank you and your team members for all the support you gave me to help settle down at Lyon. And, thank you very much for sharing all the documents. It will take some time to digest everything? but, it is very useful. Again, thank you very much and I didn’t expect to settle down at Lyon during this COVID-19 situation this smoothly. I could not achieve without your support.

Takashi A. - Japan

Great Professionalism and Politeness

I am very grateful to Mrs. Maria Ptitskaia. Even though my VISA type is very specific and with a complete different process for work authorization, she was able to help me with great professionalism and politeness.

Ana Paula V. C. - Brazil

Clara was very helpful during the whole process, she started by providing an overview of the process highlighting the steps and estimated timeline; she understood my personal situation and provided great advice. She was always very clear on her emails, providing instructions with all the details even on simple things like where to get a photograph. I also appreciate her ability to follow up, sometimes I had a lot of work and she would remind me of a pending step. I am extremely happy with her work and I would totally recommend her.

Sergio R. - Mexico

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