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Visa & Travel Management

Controlled costs for our clients with a unique operation abroad.

Visa & Travel Management

For more than 10 years, our dedicated team has developped a unique expertise in managing rotational assignees for all aspects (visas, travel arrangements, temporary housing) of rotational assignments, leading to savings above 25% (when compared to internal management)

Our services

  • A personalized case study and country guides
  • A centralized management of travel arrangements and visas for all assignees rotating to a specific destination, from France and abroad
  • A securely accessible reporting with all costs and supporting documents, for both the assignee and the HR function
  • Longstanding partnerships with world class partners
  • Weekly reportings
  • Centralized, monthly invoicing

You helped me a lot with the most important things for an expatriate mother

[Consultant], I can't thank you enough for all the patience you had with me because of all the time I took to decide and all the apartments I asked to visit!!! ? You really helped me a lot with the 2 most important things for an expatriate mother; you helped me to find an excellent school for my son and a beautiful apartment in Lyon ! So thank you so much!

Maria Amélia S. S. - Brazil

Hi Florence and Clara, You two are the BEST – thank you SO MUCH for all of your help ! We truly appreciate all of your efforts and the care that you put into your revisions, write ups, and advice. I hope you can relax a bit, you have more than earned it!!

Soo S.

Fastest I’ve ever seen

Oriane – I’m not sure what you and your team did however this is the fastest I’ve ever seen first the Residence Permits, and then even faster processing of the DCEM applications! This is incredible news, thank you so much!

Perry H. - United Kingdom

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