The pride of Home Conseil Relocation? These expressions of satisfaction...

I am very grateful to Home Conseil and Ms. Maria who was assigned to help me with my complex situation. Along the process, she has shown excellent professionalism reflecting her capacity to read the situation and provide best trusworthy advice. Thank you!

Mohamed N. - Egypt

The support from Maria during the entire process was exceptional.

Sameer P. - India

Dear Clara, Thanks for your instrumental support this morning and during the entire process organizing the permit renew. Thanks Maria and Alexandre for your valuable contribution too.

Rui P. - Brasil

Thank you for all of your wonderful help and support along the way for me! You have been a great, reliable and friendly resource from the beginning and I could not be more appreciative.

Kay L. - United States

Extremely Helpful

Excellent service. Extremely professional. I am so happy to work with Maria. Extremely Helpful.

Rajaraman V. - India

Very good service

Thanks a lot for your support. It is really a very good service

Nachiappan L. - India

I am very pleased

Thank you very much – I am very pleased with the services. Compared to the previous firm/methods, this go-around was much better. Thanks to Maria Ptitskaia

Lance B. - United States

Top quality

Top quality – it was a pleasure to work with them.

Gregory V. - United States

Thank you all!

I would like to thank you so much for your help. My consultant, Clara Excler, was so friendly and helpful during the whole process. She is well-organized and provided all the information needed with answers to all my questions. Thank you all!

Hossam S. - Egypt

High level

I am sincerely thanking you and your team for high level professionalism and kind hearts.

Iryna P. - Ukraine

Home Conseil is very responsive to emails, provides clear communication and follows up appropriately. They are a partner that we can trust to get the job done!

Rob T.

Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed answer! We are really satisfied to work with you! We have heard a lot of stories about how it is hard to get a residence permit because of bureaucracy. But for us it was easy, because we work with a professional!

Sonia N. - Malaysia


Thank you for making this go so smoothly ! I hear terrible stories of other immigrants having loads of trouble with paper work, delays, multiple visits, etc. We have had NO troubles thus far. It is all because of your team! Thanks!

David P. - United States

A pleasure working with them

This is the second time I’m working with Home Conseil Relocation and their work is always excellent. The Home Conseil team is really friendly and it’s a pleasure working with them!

Badr Z. - Morocco

Very helpful

No comments, I found Maria and Florence very helpful and customer service oriented. I believe both of them knew what was needed.

David M. - Mexico

Clara and her team were an amazing help to my wife and I during our recent move to Paris from NY. So much goes into a move, and Clara’s expertise and courtesy made the complicated paperwork, simple and stress free. She was very detailed in her explanations of our requirements and deadlines. I highly recommend Home Conseil Relocation to anyone needing assistance moving abroad.

Garett H.

Excellent work!

Really appreciate how responsive and thorough all the communication was. The level of detail and instruction was great – both for gathering/preparing the paperwork and for what to do/bring/say when showing up for appointments. Excellent work!

Joanna C. - United States

The support provided by Florence was excellent. She was extremely helpful and prompt in her interactions. As an expat, the whole process of immigration was managed profesionnaly and I did not face any difficulty in integration myself.

Ranjit S. - India

Excellent in all the aspect, I will recommend Home Conseil !

Nubia M. - Colombia

Clara was very helpful during the whole process, she started by providing an overview of the process highlighting the steps and estimated timeline; she understood my personal situation and provided great advice. She was always very clear on her emails, providing instructions with all the details even on simple things like where to get a photograph. I also appreciate her ability to follow up, sometimes I had a lot of work and she would remind me of a pending step. I am extremely happy with her work and I would totally recommend her.

Sergio R. - Mexico

I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and friendliness and timely responses of my contact person from Home Conseil Alexandre Lotito who has ensured I get my Blue card on time.

Maxim K. - Russia

Thanks for all

I liked the way I was helped and taken care of my case. The follow up on each and every point was very satisfactory. Thanks for all your support throughout the process.

Rahul K. - India

Thank you to you, again

Maria, as always, you have been a great advisor and excellent project manager to move this along as well, so I give you and your persistence most of the credit, so thank you to you, again!

Karine V.

She always has an answer!

It was a pleasure working with Maria. She always has an answer!

Dineshkumar N. - India

Great assistance

Florence provided great assistance helping with the documents and guidance throughout the process.

Zoran K. - Canada

Politness and profesionnalism

Maria always demonstrated knowledge over the process and provided me with the support I needed in different scenarios, with politness and profesionnalism.

Shanalie S. - Brazil

5 star service

Thank you Clara for all the extremely proactive, knowledgable, thorough and dedicated service this year through the whole adventure – before we arrived and while we were there. I had much to think about with the move and knowing that you had the immigration front covered really gave me a lot of peace of mind. Thank you (and Florence who covered for you while you were out) for the 5 star service.

Dinesh G.

Thank you very much

Hi Florence , Thank you very much for all your help! You have been wonderful since day one.

Menad A. - United States

I am very satisfied with the support I recieved from Florence. Quick answer and very helpul.

Paulo T. - Brazil

Excellent work

The service provided was absolutely top class and must thank your team for their kind assistance. During the process I received constant feedback and advise which was highly appreciated. Keep up the excellent work.

Keeran S. - South Africa

Florence and Clara were excellent in their duties. I felt very comfortable with them and am very pleased with their services. If I have another assignment in France, I look forward to dealing with Florence and Clara again.

Dennis K. - Canada

High Level Service, excellence support.

Andre M. - Brazil

The people I have been dealing with are first rate people. They have been nothing but efficient, polite, courteous, very knowledgeable, and friendly. They have held my hand, advised, and informed me of every step in the process. I am truly delighted to work with them.

Mark C.

On a personal note, I really want to thank you for your support on this Wiana. It is really difficult for me to explain how challenging it has been to try and balance work and home while living in France….and you have really helped to see this through completion. I really appreciate your support on this.

Patrick H.

A great pleasure

I would like to say that this was one of the best experiences. Clara is very professional and competent in her area. She communicated all points very clearly and actionably. She was very responsive, empathetic and available. She is a consultant you can trust and rely on. It was a great pleasure to work with her and she deserves the best in her career.

Iryna P. - Ukraine

The human touch of the responses

I was extremely satisfied with the quality of service, the speed of response, the professionalism, and the human touch of the responses. I would recommend Home Conseil without hesitation.

Maksim K. - Russia

Very professional support with a personal touch. I appreciated the willingness to consider special cases, and the overall warmth and kindness of the staff. Very well done. Couldn’t have been more pleased!

Steve B.

You folks get the highest ratings in my book. Thanks once again for your help, understanding and patience. I'm really glad [my employer] works with your company.

Shahfazal M.

Home Conseil was contracted by my employer to help me and my wife in obtaining the visas, working and resident permits in France. We have been receiving professional assistance of Home Conseil for more than 6 months, during the period of May-November 2014. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the work of Clara, who has been interfacing our communication with the agency. Her timely and highly professional coordination has made the whole process transparent and easy for us. We have received all the assistance we needed and every single question asked was answered in a detailed and convincing fashion. We thank people at Home Conseil for the great attention to their customers and wish the company prosperity in its business!

Nikita N. - Russia

I have to say that I’ve received very good service from your company, everyone I’ve met are professional and helpful, especially Wiana, I am very grateful for her prompt reply, thoughtful assistances always, I hope you all the very best and, have brilliant future!

Sean C. - China

My special thanks to Mme Florence for her perfect assistance for both human and professional point of view.

Siiri R. - Estonia

Hi Wiana, I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude for all of your help. I am very appreciative, and know this is a result of your perseverance with the driving school. Thank you again for your help! I will be so happy to finally collect the license!

Alison H.