The pride of Home Conseil Relocation? These expressions of satisfaction...

Dear Myriam and Silvaine, I really like to thank you and all the colleagues involved for your great support. My whole transfer and everything around it went perfectly fast and smooth thanks to your help, so that from day 1 on, I completely felt at home in my great new house!

Angela B. - Germany

Hello Ladies, I hope you do not get me wrong in my words, because your services as a team have been excellent. But I have to highlight the availability and competence of Marie, which I really recommend by her professionalism. I am really pleased to have been served by Home Conseil which made the things much easy for me through Mrs Marie services.

Jorge P. - Portugal

Dear Isabelle, Just wanted to thank you so much for all your great efforts in helping us settle in Lyon! You have supported us and made our life much easier than it would have by ourselves! Once more, merci beaucoup!

Rami M. - Egypt

Very good support from Alexandre and Isabelle.

Adriano P. - Brazil


The finding of an appartment was very well organized. It seems as if my mind was read. Home Conseil took care of all things that needed to be arranged. Perfect.

John G. - The Netherlands

Dear Myriam, Once again, thank you very much to you and your team for your support during my transfer to Lyon ! This one could occur with a minimum of time loss for the good continuation of my professional activities.

Emmanuel S. - Belgium

Great work

Dear Myriam The signed documents are attached and let me use the opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the support provided. It was great to work with you and Marie-Laure and we have very much appreciated the friendliness and professionalism with which you tackled all issues. It is well understood that we were sometimes pushy and things were not easy – and hence even more enjoyed the calmness in which you dealt with the operational side of the onboarding. Great work!

Jost R. - Germany

Thanks again

We had a very pleasant stay in France, and hope to visit again soon! Thanks again to you and the Home Conseil team for making everything so much simpler for us during our stay!!!

Michael K.

Efficacité et disponibilité

From the start, my wife and I have been very, very pleased with the support provided by HC. From working with us to secure that our childrencould arrive in France for day 1 of school before all was finalized with the VISA was tremendously appreciated. HC helped us find a wonderful apartment in a great area of Lyon. We absolutely loved it! The regular support with the prefecture issues was very smooth, and the departure assistance was seamless, with myself being relieved of many small worries that were very effectively managed by HC. With that let us say one big MERCI to the HC team for all of your support and kindness. I hope that my Company truly values the support you provide (I promise to advise them of this!!)

Steve B.

Thank you so much for your help Fabienne. You have really brightened my day and I thank you so much for your patience, understanding and diligence throughout the whole process. I am delighted that M. X has finally decided to relent and pay what he owes which I am sure would not have been the case without your robust involvement. I look forward to any further future dealings with you and your colleagues. With my very best regards

Gary J. - England

Soutien moral

Bruce and I were both very satisfied with all of the services provided by HCR. There was never a point when I was stressed about not being able to speak with someone or receive the help we needed throughout the process. Marie-Laure, Fabienne and Dominique were all extremely professional and available. At the point in which I found our house to rent, I needed immediate action to help secure the lease and not lose the house to another interested party. HCR stepped up and worked to make sure that everything was completed in an urgent manner. I would recommend this service to any expat!

Jill B.


Hello Fabienne I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and Gwenaelle for all your help and support with this. You have made us feel very relaxed comfortable about the whole process and you have really considered all of our requirements. You have provided us with an outstanding and exceptional service and Gwen really could not have looked after us better especially by going above and beyond and working very hard to manage to find us the perfect home in the area we wanted. It really has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you both. Thank you again. Ashley and Vicky.

Ashley E. - England

We went to Lyon last week for our home finding trip. It was very successful and we finally found a wonderful home not far away from kindergarten and work. I have to emphasize that the whole trip was professionally organized and with our consultant we got a very friendly support who let us felt to come to friends. Everything was perfect and all our questions could be answered. It was more than a home finding trip, more likely a Welcome Celebration.I would like you to know that it was much more than we expected.

Mickael E.

Dear Myriam, I think it is a very good time to say thank you to you, Isabelle and Francoise. After some difficulties at the beginning (I think that this is not unusual) we have got an excellent support from all of you. Thanks to Isabelle: she recognized very fast what kind of house we are looking for and we are very happy with the house, which we have rented now. Merci to Francoise: she organized all details for our smooth movement with the external companies and the walk through with the landlord as well. Danke Myriam for the very good organisation and I’m sure that we will get the same level of support when needed in the future. Merci beaucoup and all the best.

Frank H. - Germany

Big thank you

Dear Jérémy, First of all I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your fantastic support and help with the move and of course in handling the owner of the house we rented! Your calmness, professionalism and strong arguments despite being yelled at for 15 minutes straight were decisive to achieve a good outcome of the meeting with the owner. I had never experienced something like this before and would have not been able to master it on my own, rest alone stay calm! So compliments to you!!

Anne R. - Germany

Merci bien. We are fill excellent in your country. I hope that you fill fine as well. We have one really good opinion only about your company. All the time we are really good impression and work from your sides. We have never had delayed form your side and always is good atmosphere. Thank you again. My wife and I have really good opinion about your company. We have worked together in really good atmosphere all time. All activities and formulas were done professional. We have filled carried during thins time. We have never had delayed form your side. Thank you very much for your work and support. Thank you for your explanation. It is next time when you are explaining me really clearly. I think that you can write guideline for foreign people. A book title could be "How to start live in France and make all formal documents without any stress". I sure that will be bestseller! Thank you for all people which are involved to our relocation. Your support made that we fill really comfortable in your country. Special thanks for Marie-Laure, Carine, and Isabelle. They directly cooperated with us.

Piotr W. - Poland

Hello Fabienne I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and Gwenaelle for all your help and support with this. You have made us feel very relaxed comfortable about the whole process and you have really considered all of our requirements. You have provided us with an outstanding and exceptional service and Gwen really could not have looked after us better especially by going above and beyond and working very hard to manage to find us the perfect home in the area we wanted. It really has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you both. Thank you again Ashley and Vicky.

Ashley E. - England

We have been extremely appreciative and impressed by the service work provided by the entire Home Conseil team and by the outstanding work and support provided by Brigitte, Florence’s support in the beginning was great. I would (and have) recommend Home Conseil and Brigitte without hesitation in the future for families moving into the area. The quality and level of service has been top notch. Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed.

Ken W.

Hi Carine, Many thanks for your great help in settling bank account and new cellphone number. Your warm assistance in the process really soothed our anxiety to start a new life. Thank you. All the best

Karen C. - Taiwan

Dear Francoise, Many thanks for your assistance this week! Fabulous work and I apologise that it was so detailed and long for you! Appreciate all your assistance with the utilities etc. We have now everything completed for move in! Look forward to working with you again! All the best!

Jacqueline A.

Just wanted to reiterate how helpful everybody in Home Conseil has been in particularly related to obtaining our work authorization and finding a home. It was a long process but the team was persistent and on top of areas of concern that came up along the way. In our case we were one ofthe first to arrive with the whole family so interim housing and finding school was additional need that our counsellors helped us with. Could not have transitioned into my new assignment as smoothly had it not been for Marie-Laure, Carine and Florence; as well as everybody behind the scenes.

Katia H. - USA & Bulgaria

We had a smooth trip home after a great few days in Lyon. It is a beautiful city and we were so lucky to see it in such amazing weather! I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for the excellent assistance you provided to Dave and I last week. We really appreciated your kind, knowledgable and practical approach to assisting us in getting to know Lyon. The time we spent with you has really helped us feel more comfortable with the move and we both really enjoyed working with you.

Clare R.

I really appreciate all the hard work and professionalism we were shown during our expatriation in France. I had a real sense that all the administrative issues would be taken care of by Home Conseil professionals and that I could focus on getting our family acclimated to our new home. This confidence in HC made our transition to life in France quite easy and enjoyable! We have a great apartment, in a safe and beautiful area of Lyon, thanks to Isabelle, and all of our French documents were on filed and received on time -thanks to R. who sent very detailed lists and instructions to us. Cordially.

Beth B.

Every support was well organized and I could have the flat, bank account and utilities like internet within a few weeks soon after my arrival. And I could start my life in Lyon smoothly without any trouble however I had never been to France before. I really appreciate for the supports.

Yasu O. - Japan

I want to thank you again for the excellent support and professionalism displayed during the time of assistance in settling in Lyon over the past few months.This has been both a pleasure as well as an efficient process to get her support on this move. Best regards

Olivier M.-B.